Documenting my projects up to 2012

Peacock prints for 129 Gallery, Berlin

The 100 prints from my study of a peacock walking will be exhibited at 129 Gallery in Berlin from 11th August until 11th September 2011 as part of the Multiplicity exhibition. Each print is available to buy - please contact 129 Gallery for more information

The 100 13 cm x 10.5 cm prints are hand printed onto my favourite carbonless receipt paper. I drew the peacock from the biopic Frida, 2002 and had to draw the peacock 20 times so that it carried through to all 100 sheets of carbonless paper. Each time I drew it it was slightly different and all 100 sheets animate the peacock in motion when played in sequence (as seen above).

The piece was inspired by Pervinder and Richard Khaira-Creswell's wedding on 3rd July 2011- I had a lovely day thank you for inviting me.