Documenting my projects up to 2012

Hear The Echo, 2010

Hear The Echo, 2010 is a postal project for an audience of sixteen. It's 16 drawings of a horse from the 1961 movie The Misfits on 16 folded envelopes. Hear The Echo is named after one of five horses who died after last year's Grand National race at Aintree 2009. The piece is dedicated to them. The BBC are covering the race this week (10th April 2010) and I urge them to show the deaths of any racehorses during their coverage instead of covering it up. Better still don't show the race at all.

This mini exhibition, screened on 16 envelopes for 16 places and 16 people, will hopefully pass through many hands - postal workers, studio assistants, gallery workers, publishers and those that live at the addresses I've chosen. I hope none of you mind this letter - I didn't think there was any harm in it. In fact I rather like post - it gives me hope. And I hope these envelopes reach their destinations.

You are Tracey Emin, Sian Emmison, Simon Faithfull, David Osbaldeston, Sophie Calle, Paul Auster, David Bellos et Georges Perec, Hannah Waldron, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Gwen John, Lee Miller, Francis Bacon, Mrs Beatrix Heelis, Vincent Van Gogh and Joseph Cornell. I hope you like it. I like the way you work.

I particularly liked One Thousand Drawings, Surrey Girl with a Sparkle, Half-life palm-pilot drawings via email, The Pleasure of Your Company, Talking to Strangers, The Book of Illusions, Life: A User's Manual, Rain Day, your drawings of surgeons and your garden, your sheep sketchbook, your self-portrait with an umbrella and an empty chair, your work as war correspondent and your courage, your triptych paintings (movies in 3 frames), your beautiful books, the letters you wrote to Theo, and finally, the way you collected momentos - 'preferring the ticket to the trip, the postcard to the place' (from Sparkings, Adam Gopnik). If only the quality of my film was better.